A Man’s Home Is His Castle…Or Is It?

Homemade Homestead Protection Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends, Saul can’t sleep. He has a reputation for attention to detail, but he forgot something, he just knows it. Saul probes his memories, thinking back over the past several months to parse out what could possibly be bothering him… Saul sold his company for a huge pile of cash two years ago. A smart guy, he knows how to protect his assets. That’s why, on the advice of counsel, he put most of […]

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The Best Little Asset Protection Vehicle No One Has Ever Heard Of — Securing Retirement

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends, Life is full of little surprises. Wondering if you have enough money for retirement should not be one of them. Imagine this… You’ve worked your entire life to build a successful business, investing every spare penny back into your company. Your long-term plan? To sell the company when you turn 60 so you can live a life of leisure on the proceeds. Then, disaster strikes. You and your company get sued, and after a devastating multi-million dollar judgment, there aren’t enough […]

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