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We are the go-to firm that attorneys who don’t practice in the areas of estate planning and trusts refer their most coveted clients.

Protecting an inheritance is serious business, and while most estate planning lawyers focus on what will be left when a client passes on, we worry about airtight estate plans and protecting our clients against financially devastating lawsuits that can rip their legacy to shreds.

Our clients depend on us to help them with many problems, life choices, and decisions—and it is our pleasure to assist our clients with extended personal services.

The sensitive needs of high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople are at the heart of our client concierge program. We are there with our clients every step of the way and stay the course no matter the weather.

Client Testimonials

“Our client faced a $75 million debt collection lawsuit and Jeffrey Verdon’s estate planning design helped me settle the claim for $5 million. Our client is incredibly relieved and thrilled with the result.”
William Lobel, Esq., Newport Beach, California

"I have known Jeffrey for almost thirty years and, because I am a litigator and not an estate lawyer, I always refer my clients to Jeffrey for estate and asset protection work. Much of my faith in Jeffrey comes from the fact that he is very careful. Although the tax code is riddled with special interest provisions, the last thing a person wants to do is play fast and loose with the IRS. Jeffrey dots every "i" and crosses every "t". Although he saves his clients millions of dollars, every one of his plans will withstand a careful IRS audit.”
Richard Neely, Former Chief Justice, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

"From the onset, Jeffrey took the time to get to know our family, learn about our values and goals, and recommended those strategies that made sense for us. He is innovative and creative and even steered us through the first IRS approved Super Freeze estate plan, a strategy that quickly became commonly used by planners around the country. For nearly a quarter of a century he has been part of our team of advisors to help grow our investments protect our assets from lawsuits in a manner that reflected our family’s values. As our businesses grew in complexity, Jeffrey adapted our planning accordingly, and through his extensive list of professionals, always connected us with the most qualified experts nationally when such was necessary."
Dr. Nicholas A. Cummings, Board Chair, the Cummings Foundations, and former President, the American Psychological Association

Why People Avoid Asset Protection Planning
The Law of Diffusion of Innovations

When we learn about something new and visionary, how do we approach adopting important new information, change, or technology? Are you part of the Early Majority? The Late Majority? Or are you a Laggard?

In this quick overview, Jeffrey M. Verdon helps us understand more about our own personal style in decision making and how we can best use this knowledge to protect our families.