Susan P. Jerome, Director of Client Services

Susan P. Jerome

Susan P. Jerome

Susan P. Jerome is the Director of Client Services at the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP and serves as the firm’s Client Concierge.

In her role, Ms. Jerome is the liaison between our clients and the law firm, fulfilling our commitment to build and maintain the long term relationship with each client based on our principles of integrity, compassion, and exceptional service.

With decades of managerial, organizational, and strategic expertise in various leadership positions, Ms. Jerome brings a broad and truly global perspective to the firm’s Client Concierge Program. Ms. Jerome is available 24/7 dedicated to providing a first-class experience to our families and business owners seeking expanded lifestyle management consulting services whenever the need arises.

Ms. Jerome coordinates and executes the law firm’s business development and marketing strategies. In this role, Ms. Jerome organizes speaking engagements, event planning, and coordinates the firm’s Strategic Client Alliance Program.

Ms. Jerome attended California State University Los Angeles, Sandler Sales Training, and Bob Davies High Performance Training. Ms. Jerome is currently a member of the Legal Marketing Association and the Association of Legal Administrators.