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Life Insurance: Life insurance can be a confusing and complex subject area. Term insurance, a popular type of life insurance, is often a very poor choice, as the insurance will expire during your lifetime and the cost to renew is often prohibitive. The insurance is then not renewed and when the insured dies, there is no coverage.

We work with some of the best insurance professionals who have particular skill sets. Premium financing has revolutionized the way larger life insurance policies are purchased, and often make the difference between a client purchasing the coverages he or she needs and wants and not carrying any life insurance at all.

Jerome Hesch, Esq – Director of the Notre Dame Tax Institute is one of the nation’s premier tax attorneys with whom we have enjoyed a 20+ year relationship. Professor Hesch has worked with our clients in solving some of the most complex estate and income tax problems with grand results.

William Lobel, Esq. – Bankruptcy attorney specializing in individual Chapter 11 reorganizations and out-of-court restructurings

Sean Reeves, Esq. – Director of Client Services, Southpac Trust Int’l, Inc.

David McNair – Former shareholder at Southpac Trust; resource for information about offshore asset protection trust mechanics

Neal Rubin – Managing Director, City National Rochdale Investment Mgmt

Jenner Davis, Esq. – CEO Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Gregory Crawford – Managing Director, Alliance Trust Company, Reno, NV

Professional Asset Managers are recommended based on the particular needs and wants of the client.

We have deep relationships with some of the world’s most highly regarded asset managers and would be pleased to make such introductions for you.