Bucket List Trips for the Super Wealthy

Bucket List Trips for the Super Wealthy

One of the biggest perks of accumulating hard earned wealth is the ability to spend time away, traveling in comfort and style. No sparse hotel rooms, 4:00 a.m. flights or twelve hour delays, spent waiting at a departure gate. And you have the pleasure of visiting luxurious or exotic global destinations, many of which are only available to an exclusive group of people.

If vacation is what you need, check out this bucket list of trips for the super wealthy. Any one of these amazing excursions is bound to create memories that last a lifetime. You may even fall in love with a new locale, prompting more trips or even something more permanent, like relocating and working remotely.

Pick Your Destination

At the top of the list of fascinating places to visit is Africa but getting there and traveling around the vast continent can be time-consuming and tedious. Instead, climb aboard an Abercrombie and Kent fully-loaded, luxury jet and be whisked off on an exclusive seven country tour of the African continent.

Starting at just under $100,000 per person, you’ll be treated to private tours of the ancient stone architecture in Ethiopia, wildlife in the Serengeti, stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, gorillas’ habitats in Uganda and more, stopping in between to enjoy sumptuous dining and comfort at five star accommodations.

While we are on the topic of luxury lodging, the venerable Four Seasons hotel brand offers four themed private jet getaways. Choose between Cultural Escape, Extraordinary Adventures, Global Getaway, and Culinary Discoveries.

Each has you globe-trotting around the world, stopping off to partake in theme-appropriate activities. The Global Getaway focuses on exploring sophisticated and tranquil spots located in Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Hungary, the French Riviera, Portugal, Nevis, Colombia, and Miami. Prices range from $110,000 to $140,000 per person.

Feel like you have been everywhere and seen everything already? We would be remiss if we didn’t cap off our billionaire’s bucket list with the most extraordinary destination of all. Virgin Galactic is currently accepting $250,000 deposits to reserve a seat on a rocket ship that will soar above the Earth into space for a 2½ hour odyssey. Adding to the fantasy expedition is a three-day crash course in astronaut training you’ll attend prior to boarding the ship.

Can You Afford To Go?

The aforementioned excursions are a part of the advantages of being wealthy. The bank accounts of those with a high net worth can accommodate what are truly dream vacations. While access to greater monetary resources often comes with distinct benefits, there are also disadvantages of being wealthy.

Difficulty balancing one’s personal and work lives, as well as the enormous amount of responsibilities that accompany running a company or multiple companies, place heavy weights on the shoulders of the super wealthy. Unfortunately, with great wealth also comes the possibility of frivolous lawsuits that could put your hard-earned wealth at risk. There are ways to protect yourself, your family, and your estate from being defrauded. After years of experience representing high net worth individuals, Jeffrey Verdon has the expertise to protect your wealth.

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