But I Thought My Assets and Legacy Were Protected

MEDIA MENTION: Jeffrey Verdon Published in Orange County Business Journal

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends,

We are pleased to share with you that Jeffrey Verdon was recently published in The Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ). The OCBJ is a leading business journal which provides comprehensive, authoritative news and information for Orange County business owners seeking first class reporting on important business issues.

Jeffrey Verdon’s article, “But I Thought My Assets and Legacy Were Protected“, explains the importance of asset protection “firewalls”, in addition to basic estate planning tools, in providing an effective and legal means to level the playing field against complete and utter financial calamity. “They never dreamed it could happen to them. But it did. It can happen to any of us.” “However, this true story happened to two smart, nice people who learned the hard way that bad things can indeed happen to good people.” Click here to read entire article.

There are countless families and business owners who fail to take action before it’s too late. Take a moment to consider your own situation to ensure assets and legacy are protected.

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