Cash Flow Wealth Summit

Cash Flow Wealth Summit – A Huge Success!

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends,

On May 15, 2015, our Client Alert announced “Jeffrey Verdon to Speak at Cash Flow Wealth Summit” in which the seminar producers used a remarkable new technology — a virtual online financial conference — where the attendee could attend the conference, visit the exhibit hall, and attend the presentations, all from the comfort and convenience of his or her home or office.

For over 25 years, I have been a speaker at land-based financial conferences around the country, such as the Money Show in Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Francisco; the FreedomFest in Las Vegas and Nassau, Bahamas; and the Oxford Club, held in cities all throughout the United States and abroad, all of which attract thousands of attendees, and to which the speakers and attendees traveled to attend the presentations.

Last week’s Cash Flow Wealth Summit was one of those “disruptive technologies” that could transform the huge financial seminar industry, where the attendee could sit in the comfort of their home or office, not have to deal with airports and hotels, and experience technology that will change the way such conferences are produced in the future.

The Cash Flow Wealth Summit occurred online on May 20-21, 2015.

The final number count is as follows:

  • Registrants: Just over 4,500
  • Unique Attendees: Just over 1,700
  • Presentation Interactions: Just over 8,000

The two-day virtual conference presented over 30 thought leaders of wealth creation, financial planning and tax experts geared to Investors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Mediapreneurs.

My 60-minute presentation on May 21 at 10 am Pacific explored “Secrets of the Dirty Filthy Rich – Tax and Asset Protection Planning Techniques for the Affluent Family and Business Owner” and was very well attended.

In case you missed the conference, for the next 25 days or so, you still have a chance to view ON DEMAND all of the presentations, including mine, visit the exhibit booths, and soak in the valuable information.

Registration is free, then login with your email address. Click here to register:

Congratulations to the event organizers, who plan to do more of these events in the future.

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