Keeping your money in the United States can be a bad idea, here's why.

Keeping Your Money in The United States may not be the Best Choice

An offshore trust might be the best method of protecting assets you’ve worked so hard to achieve. With the various economic and political issues which can create some financial instability both at home and abroad, protecting your wealth against U.S. tax laws, from creditors and legal judgments becomes of tantamount importance. Keeping your money in the United States in an onshore trust may not be the best vehicle when it […]

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Combine the Benefits of Estate and Asset Protection Planning

Estate planning is the process by which a person can plan for the management of their affairs and the transfer of their assets in anticipation of death or if they should become incapacitated. With estate planning, you want to make sure that your estate passes to the next generation with the least amount of taxes and administrative inconvenience.  Asset protection planning protects an individual’s assets and gifts to beneficiaries from […]

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Can a Foreign Trust Protect Against Lawsuits

Can a Foreign Trust Protect Against Lawsuits?

While most individuals take steps to ensure that their wealth is passed on to their heirs after death, many neglect to protect those same assets while still alive. The simple truth is that nefarious actions, such as frivolous lawsuits, can threaten your hard earned wealth and put your legacy in jeopardy.  That’s why asset protection planning is an important facet of comprehensive estate planning.  And an effective financial protection plan […]

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Are Offshore Trusts Structures Always More Protective?

Are Offshore Trust Structures Always More Protective?

Using trusts for asset protection is a common practice among the wealthy. But it can be difficult to determine what type of trust offers more protection. Trusts within the United States are called domestic trusts, while trusts that operate outside of domestic jurisdiction are referred to as offshore trusts. Trusts must abide by the regulations of the country they are in. Therefore, domestic trusts are subject to United States law […]

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Common Financial Planning Mistakes Made By HNWI

Avoid these Common Mistakes that even HNWI Make

Estate planning is a necessity whether your net worth is $200,000 or $10 million. However, it’s especially important for high net worth individuals as well as their families. Affluent individuals have many tools available to them when it comes to financial planning.  Whether it’s sheltering assets in well-designed trusts, charitable donation strategies in order to minimize taxes, or life insurance products that can help to protect and preserve their legacies […]

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What is the Private Retirement Trust

The Private Retirement Plan

A retirement trust offers protection for your retirement funds and your beneficiaries. For many individuals, a significant portion of their assets are part of a retirement account to which they have made contributions throughout their working years. Unfortunately, all of these retirement savings could be lost to a lawsuit or a creditor. However, California offers its residents a way to protect their assets — The Private Retirement Plan. The Private […]

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Signs that You are Addicted to Money

You usually associate the word addiction with drugs, alcohol or gambling. But it’s possible to become addicted to money. When you start using money to deal with your problems or become dependent upon it to get your thrills, then you have a problem. At that point, it doesn’t take long for things to get out of control, and the consequences can be devastating. A money addiction is a type of […]

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Wealth advantages and disadvantages

The Disadvantages of Being Wealthy

The media and popular culture are always promoting all the advantages of being wealthy. But what they don’t show are some of the disadvantages of being wealthy. While these disadvantages are certainly not the same as those that come with being impoverished, nevertheless, having a large amount of money or coming into a big inheritance is not without its drawbacks. It’s certainly true that no one would choose to be […]

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If You Create a Revocable Living Trust, Do You Still Need a Will?

The answer is yes, you need a will even with a revocable living trust.  Your will and revocable living trust work in tandem with one another. A revocable living trust is a legal vehicle that provides lifetime as well as after-death management for assets and property.  It’s created during your lifetime and, as the trustor, you may change it at any time while you’re still living. The successor trustee whom […]

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Is an Offshore Trust the Same Thing as an Asset Protection Trust?

Is an Offshore Trust the Same Thing as an Asset Protection Trust?

Ours has become an increasingly litigious society. Therefore, it’s become increasingly important for wealthy individuals to take some type of action in order to protect their assets from unexpected lawsuits and the claims of creditors. Many financial experts offer asset protection trusts as the best legal vehicle for shielding valuable assets. Asset protection trusts allow creditors to reach a settlement with their respective debtors on more favorable terms, therefore avoiding […]

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