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Chance Favors the Prepared Mind – Do You Have a Grab and Go Bag?

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends,

During a natural disaster such as the flooding that has taken place in Houston or Hurricane Irma in Florida, our first thoughts are for loss of life without question. With “Irma” a category 5 storm arriving on tail of “Harvey” there is not enough time to learn how to face a disaster fast enough.

Our second thoughts are day to day survival and how to get back to “normal”.  This may include a long FEMA application and contacting insurance companies.  What can be done to streamline the process to start the recovery, and to make sure we have as many ducks in a row before another disaster strikes.

Meet Lynn Rabins, a certified international appraiser of fine and decorative art, owner of House of Appraisers, and a graduate of “Wilderness Survival”.  In this Client Alert, Lynn will share her skills to assist putting your mind at ease in at least one area when any disaster strikes.

A simple list of what you will need: First off a small wet bag. Second, a memory stick and an updated list of insurance providers and policies, along with copies of photo I.D.’s. Third, a backpack at the front door to grab and go.

Ok, let’s get a little descriptive here…

1. A memory stick or two

2. Put a copy of all paperwork pertaining to your home on the stick

3. Copies of receipts of anything you have from furniture, jewelry, and art – including photos of each item.

4. Copy of family photos

5. Copies of medical records

6. All insurance policies

7. An expired photo I.D.

8. A copy of your will or information on its whereabouts

9. All security codes to your computer, your house, your cell phone, etc.

10. All banking records

11. A copy of everything on your cell phone in case it gets damaged

12. Call your insurance agents and update all policies

13. Speak with your agents and make sure every other year that you have the correct policy and the correct amount of coverage

14. Contact a certified appraiser and have your fine and decorative art to include jewelry and coins and be appraised every other year (Don’t make the mistake of having a 5 year old appraisal that is in no way valid for what FEMA or an insurance company will have to work with.)

15. Extra set of keys for everything

16. Phone number list – with the number that all family members are to call to check-in and be tagged safe; also a phone charge stick

~ These items go in the wet bag which goes in the backpack.

The backpack can have the dog leashes, the heath bars, the change of underwear and the first-aid kit, the water filter and flashlight. The items that help you make it through the first three days.

The water bag is key to restarting your life after a Natural Disaster. For more information on this and related subjects, contact Lynn Rabins, Senior Appraiser.

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