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Insurance Implications of Transferring Real Property To A Trust, Partnership, Or LLC

For those of you who have transferred real property to trusts, partnerships, or limited liability companies, a recent California appellate court decision emphasized the importance of updating your insurance policies to reflect the changes in ownership or risk not being covered by your existing insurance policies. In Kee Kwok v. Transnation Title Insurance Company (2009), the California Court of Appeals held that the insurance policy covering an LLC did not […]

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Protecting Assets & Lifestyle – Why “Going Offshore” May Be The Best Option

For over 30 years, our law firm’s approach to the estate planning process begins with solidly protecting the client’s wealth from unforeseen lawsuits and other third party claims before we turn our attention to the client’s desired estate planning objectives. The recent economic downturn has substantially affected most everyone’s estate plan—both high-net worth and moderate taxpayers alike—making protecting one’s remaining assets critically important. Unfortunately, we still see very few estate […]

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The much-anticipated economic stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the “Act”), became law on February 17th. The $787 billion new law, which contains nearly $300 billion in tax relief, sets in motion a wave of direct spending and tax incentives. Although a significant part of the Act is aimed at low and middle income taxpayers, the bill contains several provisions that may be applicable to high-net-worth […]

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