Comprehensive Estate Planning with Jeffrey M Verdon Law

It is not what you do — it is what you own.

If your family or company has more than $10 million you are at risk. With the statistic that a new law suit is filed in the U.S. every 15 minutes, your planning requires a more robust series of planning strategies. This is the DNA of our law firm.

Designed for the affluent family and successful business owner, we incorporate the concierge client service and highest standard of care for advanced estate planning, combined risk management and effective "firewall" layers of protection for each Plan we create.

These effective and well settled structures work to help our clients save taxes, protect their personal and business assets from the risk of loss from lawsuits, while protecting lifestyle and maximizing access to income.

Traditional Estate Planning

Estate planning lawyers typically prepare a high-quality plan to ensure that when the first spouse passes on, the assets will be seamlessly governed by their trust without the need for probate delay and expense.

How Does Comprehensive Estate Planning Differ?

Designed for the affluent taxpayer with assets of $10M and above, we incorporate the standard of care for estate plans but add layers of protection and advanced estate tax planning structures. These unique and newer creative trust structures are designed to save on taxes while maximizing access to income.

Customizing real protection takes the experience and wisdom to develop solutions that stand the test of time. For more than 30 years, our clients’ estate plans have enjoyed superior “firewall” protection, which in many instances has been invoked to protect a client’s financial security following a threatened lawsuit.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Brochure

Comprehensive Estate Planning Makes the Difference

More than ever, affluent families need additional layers of protection to attain the security they are looking for and to gain maximum access to their assets.

Comprehensive Estate Planning adds layers of lawsuit protection to an already well planned estate.