Our Director of Client Services, Grace Pizarro, heads our Concierge Services. Through years of refinements and in response to our clients’ needs, our offerings are more than a cut above what clients typically expect from a law firm.

Creating custom advanced estate plans and state-of-the-art risk management for our clients is a very personal process. It has afforded us a wonderful opportunity to get to know many clients on a personal level, developing a deeper understanding of their below-the-surface needs.

We pride ourselves in providing a myriad of services, from connecting clients to top national and international professional trusted advisors, to helping them get through personal family challenges, to connecting them with all types of goods and services. In essence, we deliver true concierge services for our clients and friends of the firm.

Understanding the notion of true concierge-level service is an ongoing commitment at the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group.

Comfort and care are the first things our clients feel upon walking into our offices. Every client receives a personal contact number for their assigned Client Concierge who is available to them for any matter, problem, or occurrence during and after the business day, including weekends. We offer a full range of Concierge Services.

elderLet us tell you about our friend, 93-year-old Mrs. Gold.

Mr. Verdon first met Mrs. Gold on a cruise ship some 20 years ago and the two have developed a lasting friendship. You can find them chatting on the phone several times every week.

Mr. Verdon continues to assist her in getting the services she needs and to listen to what’s on her mind, and was once even able to take the train from New York to Philadelphia to visit her in the hospital.

Overview of Available Concierge Services

With our well qualified staff and our extensive network of qualified service providers we have become an integral resource to our clients in helping them with a wide range of issues within the area of Estate Planning and Trust Management as well as in other services necessary for managing the estate and family needs of individuals such as yourself. Please call on us at any time for any of these needs.

  • A guarantee that phone calls will be returned by the person you called on the same day that you called.
  • A 24-hour personal contact number for your assigned Client Concierge who will be available to assist you with regard to any matter, problem or occurrence for which you require assistance after business hours or on weekends.
  • Regular bi-monthly reports on the status of your pending matter.
  • A personal contact from your Client Concierge, no less than annually, to schedule a meeting with us to review your financial and legal matters for the preceding year.
  • Information updates with respect to any changes in the laws which would have an impact on your matters with our law firm.
  • Negotiating the acquisition of high priced items
  • Advisors for real estate transactions, mortgage refinancing, home or investment property purchases and sales
  • Personal shopper/errands
  • Locating and obtaining collectibles
  • Trip planning, cruises
  • Entertainment and sporting event tickets
  • Relocation services
  • Transportation services, jet charter
  • Health care, hospitalization recovery assistance
  • Fitness/massage therapy
  • Home care services (personal chef, meal delivery, adult day care)
  • Pet care/pet-sitting services
  • Handyman services
  • Cleaning services
  • Family issues, companionship, background checks
  • Family financial planning, budgeting/bill paying