Estate Planning and Asset Protection Toolbox

Home Equity and Lifestyle Protection Trust®

Unless your state has unlimited homestead exemption, the equity in your home is at rick of loss to future creditors and predators. Of part of the estate planning process, we help our clients protect their legacies including their personal residences. How? By transferring your personal residence or vacation home to the H.E.L.P. trust ®. See video for details or contact us or peruse our website to learn more.

Section 453 Installment Sale and the Non Grantor Trust

You own real estate and are considering selling it but doing a tax deferred exchange into another property isn't desirable. Or you're selling your company and after you pay the state and federal capital gains taxes you'll have about half of what the buyer paid and not enough to provide you the income stream to support your desired lifestyle.

The HUWTUW Trust™

Did you know that there is a trust that can protect your assets from future unknown and unforeseen lawsuit creditors and predators while allowing you to gain access to the trust through your spouse?

Meet the Heads You Win, Tails You Win Trust, or HUWTUW Trust.

Preferred Partnership Freeze

You've heard the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Well, the lemons are here and that presents a once in a generation planning opportunity to pass your legacy to heirs with the least amount of death taxes or even death tax free for over three hundred years, preserve the income tax free step up in basis, and protect your legacy from predators and creditors.

IRA Rescue Plan

Based on your state of residence, did you know that your individual retirement account could be vulnerable to a future lawsuit? And how losing all or most of your IRA would affect your family's future? If this is the case, there is a way to shield your individual retirement account from future creditors and predators.

HYCET™ Trust

We've all heard the expression, "Have your cake and eat it too." What if you could do that when planning your estate? What if you could take advantage of the generous, lifetime gift tax exemption laws by placing your property into a type of Dynasty Trust, so the assets value grows free of death taxes for multiple generations.

Private Retirement Plan

You live in California and have worked hard to accumulate and grow your wealth so you can one day retire to the good life. You'd like to supplement your retirement plan benefits but are maxed out under your qualified plan. You're also thinking about protecting your business, investments, IRAs, annuities, life insurance... even the equity in your own home from lawsuit predators.

Premium Financed Life Insurance

Capital Management Stratgy, or CMS, was created for those who can afford the insurance premiums but would rather keep their funds in their investment portfolios, or retained in their businesses, for a greater return on investment.

Asset Protection Trust

Are you confident you'll never be sued? If so, are you confident you'll be treated fairly by the legal system? If either answer is "no", you're a likely candidate for an Asset Protection Trust, or APT.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

You're an affluent family or successful business owner with assets of $10 million dollars or more. Knowledge and wisdom are essential in formulating a comprehensive estate plan that will provide security in case of an actual or threatened law suit.

Asset Protection

Building effective and lawful firewall protection around your assets in advance of an unforeseen financially ruinous lawsuit is what asset protection is all about.