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Book by March 1 – Financial & Historical Gods & Empires Cruise

Gods and Empires 
Crystal Symphony Cruise
September 20-27, 2020

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Clients,

Our upcoming Crystal Symphony cruise, sailing from September 20th – 27th, and exploring Athens and Rome, is almost completely booked. While the cabins allotted for the conference are selling fast, the rest of the cabins are sold out. The good news is there are still 24 cabins allocated for our conference group, but they must be filled by March 1. If you were considering joining this incredible historic journey, now is the time to act!

As we sail, we’ll discuss the global economy, investment opportunities and strategies to build wealth and produce safe, steady income… plus, learn the lessons of history in the ancient world of Greece and Rome from John Prevas, one of the world’s foremost historians, who will speak about his book, “Power, Ambition, Glory: The Stunning Parallels between Great Leaders of the Ancient World and Today,” co-authored with Steve Forbes.

Mark Skousen, economist, financial advisor, university professor and author of more than 25 books on economics, personal finance, and investing, will be speaking on “Applying Aristotle’s Golden Mean to Your Investment Strategy.” This “mean” espouses that courage is the virtue between the defect of being a coward and the excess of being reckless. In investing, it’s a mistake to be a coward by just investing in bank CDs and money market funds. And it might be considered reckless to invest too heavily in penny stocks and high-risk speculations. His presentation will share the virtuous strategy of combining growth and income.

Dr. Skousen’s wife, Jo Ann, will give her famous talk on the “Greek and Roman Myths” as well as “Oh, Say, What is Justice? A Survey of the Ancient Philosophers.”

My presentation, “Heads You Win Tails You Win: What every investor must do in 2020 regardless of the outcome of the coming presidential election”, will provide insights and practical solutions to protect your investments, legacy and family.

Join me and a small group of friends for this intimate and unforgettable journey to the cradle of Western civilization. Please visit our website and use priority code “HYCET” for all the details on the itinerary, packages, experiences and more. Or call 1-844-225-5838.

Learn more about our host Mark Skousen, Producer of Freedom Fest, at FreedomFest 2020.

Yours truly,
Jeffrey M. Verdon

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