Heir Estate Education Program

Many estate plans fail largely because family members are not properly prepared for the responsibilities of being an "heir."

Often, the heirs of an estate have little, if any, knowledge about the affairs of the estate. They are unaware of what their parents have provided and are lacking a resource to answer any questions they may have about the estate and asset protection process.

We believe the only way to prepare heirs for the responsibilities of being a beneficiary is through education and awareness. That’s why we’re committed to developing and administering programs for your heirs that will allow you to successfully transition your wealth.

Our goal is to be proactive on your behalf. We would like the opportunity to reach out to your children and grandchildren and provide a variety of informational services to them. We want to form a relationship with your heirs so that we will not be strangers to them should we be called upon to assist in the administration of your estate plan.

What We Provide

With the client’s approval, we will review the relevant aspects of the estate plan and asset protection strategy so that the heirs are better prepared to be beneficiaries at the appropriate time.

We will stay in regular contact with your heirs through our client alerts and newsletters to keep them abreast of issues and solutions in the areas of Estate Planning and Asset Protection.

We will provide an overview of your estate plan so that they are aware of their involvement and role, both now, and at the time of transition.

We will become a resource for your heirs to address any questions or concerns, and provide information as the time of transition nears.

We will act as a trusted advisor to your heirs in various areas of planning and other financial concerns, to help them obtain any services they may require for the management of the estate.

Heir Estate Education

How Do We Begin?

Following client approval, we will reach out to your heirs to set up a meeting to discuss the estate and answer any questions. Our objective is to provide a holistic approach to your estate plan by establishing a relationship with your heirs. We offer the Heir Estate Education Program as a value added non-fee service to ensure that your estate plan and asset protection strategy can operate effectively.


Heir Estate Education Brochure