Estate Planning and Asset Protection Videos

The Fusion of Planning and Protection

Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group Overview: About the Firm
What does “The Fusion of Planning and Protection” stand for?

Problem Solving with Clients
“The best part of my job is meeting and helping people.”

Providing and Caring for Clients
“We are about using information to create knowledge for the right result for each client.”

The Nature of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group – The Money Show
A brief overview of the services of the practice.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?
Creating peace of mind that your family’s legacy will carry on is at the heart of every comprehensive estate plan we create.

How Often Do You See your Estate Planning Lawyer?
Changing personal situations as well as changing laws and federal regulations suggest touching base with your estate planning attorney is important.

Women and Estate Planning
Nine out of ten times women live longer than their husbands. This video touches on key concepts of estate planning a woman may want to consider.

Dividing Assets
Families, blended families and life issues can create complexities in dividing estates.

5 Must Have Strategies of Estate Planning
This video about comprehensive estate planning takes a broader view for the larger estate owner. It explores tax issues, protecting investment income and national asset protection strategies.

What Every Successful Investor Must Know About Comprehensive Estate Planning
New and important trends to hold on to your investments and assets.

Serving Clients Nationally
Clients can receive investment advice using the latest strategies outside of their own geographic area.

Asset Protection

New Perspectives to Grow Investments Using the Tax Code to Your Advantage
At this Investment University presentation Jeff covers the three “Must Haves” in asset protection.

Most People Don’t Know
What They Don’t Know

An overview of the best ways to structure
your assets.

Asset Protection – The Money Show
How we build firewalls to protect clients from unexpected and potentially devastating law suits.

Estate and Gift Tax Laws – The Money Show
Learn about maximizing investment strategies while protecting assets using the $5M exemption called the HYCET Trust.

“Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!” The Money Show on the HYCET Trust
Learn about this trust which allows investors to claw back funds.

What is the HYCET Trust – The Money Show
Interested in a $5M trust that allows access to the funds? Turn taxable income into tax free income.

Audio Interviews