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Preparing For An Initial Consultation

Our firm is unique in the services we offer. We often deal with a substantial amount of assets and every individual and family has different estate planning and asset protection goals.

If you anticipate attending a consultation with any attorney and you have significant assets, you may need to prepare for an initial consultation a little differently than other clients.

Here are some tips to stay proactive from the onset.

Bring estate planning documents, if applicable

If you have already have a will, trust or other estate planning documents in place, it is crucial that you bring them for your attorney to review. They can look over your documents, explain any changes in state and federal laws and your life. This can help to create a plan to prevent anything from being overlooked.

Make a list of your estate planning and asset protection goals

What do you hope to accomplish with estate planning? Do you want to protect your children’s inheritance from creditors and ex-spouses? Do you want to pass on the family business without complications?

Make a list of the top five goals you want to discuss so an attorney can help you determine how to reach them.

Document your assets

In order to discuss asset protection plans, a lawyer must first understand the types of assets you have and their values. These may include assets such as real estate, bank accounts, business interests and investments.

Providing an attorney with a list of assets from the onset can ensure the conversations are tailored to you.

Dive into research

Doing research ahead of time can help you to make the most out of an initial consultation. Advanced research can include reviewing private retirement plans, HYCET trusts, Foreign Asset Protection Trusts and captive insurance structures.

It can help to write down any questions that arise during the course of your research and bring them to the meeting.

Even if you fail to adhere to these tips, your initial consultation can still be a valuable experience and way to learn your options.

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