Private Retirement Plan™

You live in California and have worked hard to accumulate and grow your wealth. You also live in the most litigious state in America! What can you do to protect your business investments, IRA, annuities, life insurance – even the equity in your home – from lawsuit predators?

Securing Your Retirement and Business Assets

You can protect your hard-earned assets by using one of the best asset protection plans available: a Private Retirement Plan™.

With a Private Retirement Plan™, or PRP, sanctioned under CCP 704.115, assets set aside by your business for your retirement needs and assets you personally contribute to the PRP are 100% exempt from creditors, even in bankruptcy. Cash, stocks, business profits, savings, bonds, gold, real estate, notes, even corporate stock and private business interests can all be placed safely into your PRP, without limits.

The Best Little Asset Protection Option You've Never Heard Of

The PRP is a non-ERISA qualified retirement trust specifically designed for you, without the funding and strict compliance requirements placed on ERISA plans. The greatest advantage of a PRP is that no one but you can ever touch it. All assets in the PRP are fully shielded from future lawsuits and legal judgments, even if you must file for bankruptcy. These funds cannot be accessed, even by anyone who might sue you long after you’ve stopped working.

Additional Private Retirement Plan™ benefits:
  • No IRS annual filings
  • No limit on contributions to PRP
  • No requirements to include other employees
  • No restriction on investment types
  • No income tax on earnings in PRP with proper planning
A Handy Safety Net

Protect your hard-earned wealth, even in California, by using one of the best retirement asset protection plans you can get – a Private Retirement Plan™.