The Penalty for Stealing from an Estate

What is the Penalty for Stealing from an Estate?

Discovering that an individual has been stealing from an estate is a common problem, particularly for people who have substantial assets. Those living in the state of California, are covered by the California Probate Code, which provides statutory bases for pursuing the wrongdoer. Depending on the circumstances, the penalty can range from requiring the abuser to return the stolen money or assets to more severe punishments, such as double damages, […]

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Let's talk asset protection strategies

Let’s Talk Asset Protection Strategies

Through hard work, smart budgeting, and savvy investing, you have been accumulating wealth with the goal of becoming financially independent. You can relax now, right? Actually, the next step is likely the most crucial one you will take, because the better off you become, the more devastating a lawsuit can be to your future. Protecting your wealth is as important as the steps you take to build it.  As your […]

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Why do some millionaires and billionaires drive cheap cars?

Why Do Some Millionaires and Billionaires Drive Inexpensive Cars?

Finish this sentence: “If I had a billion dollars, I’d drive a ______.” Did you say Lamborghini, Rolls Royce or Ferrari? Why not? With that kind of money, you could certainly afford to buy expensive, luxury vehicles. That said, it may surprise you to hear that some people who can afford any car they want are driving around in average, affordable vehicles.  A recent survey among the world’s millionaires and […]

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What an asset protection advisor can do for you

What an Asset Protection Advisor Can Do for You

Asset protection is an important aspect of wealth management as it protects your wealth from a legal claim or threat of a claim. This is not to say that legitimate lawsuits cannot be brought against you; asset protection protects you from those that are nefarious in nature or that would cause catastrophic loss. Lawsuit protection is a fact of life for anyone who may be targeted due to their “deep […]

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Southern California's Top 5 Wealthiest Neighborhoods

Looking for Your Next Property? Here are Southern California’s Top 5 Wealthiest Neighborhoods

Using census data from the period of 2006-2010, a study revealed the richest neighborhoods in the United States. Comparing metrics such as average household income and property values, it should be no surprise that many of them are located in California. Coming in high on the list were coastal communities located in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. The entertainment industry, balmy weather, white sandy beaches, and palm trees […]

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How long will your financial legacy last

How Long Will Your Financial Legacy Last?

If you are like most people, the ultimate motivation for working hard and building wealth is to provide a good life for your family and to create an enduring legacy for future generations. The question is how many years will your money last, assuming your children and their children are able to provide their families with the same advantages they enjoyed growing up? The time and effort you put into […]

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Your personal financial risk management checklist

Your Personal Financial Risk Management Checklist

Whether you inherited your wealth or earned it yourself, the way you manage it now is critical to your future financial health. Any number of unexpected circumstances, from a sudden devastating illness to a precipitous drop in the stock market, can take a heavy toll on your personal finances. Developing a strong risk management strategy is one of the best ways to safeguard your money. All investments maintain a relationship […]

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How do the ultrawealthy spend their free time?

How Do the Ultra Wealthy Spend Their Free Time?

We are all familiar with the old adage, “money can’t buy you happiness,” but there is a common misperception that the ultra wealthy are satisfied spending their lives making and counting their millions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A recent study published by Wealth-X examined the interests, passions, and hobbies that highnet-worth individuals (HNWI) enjoyed most when they were not busy working. The study revealed that though there […]

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Is Digital Currency Being Used by Wealthy Individuals?

Is Digital Currency Being Used by Wealthy Individuals?

In general, wealthy folks are more open to taking risks with non-mainstream investments because their portfolio is diversified and deep enough to withstand the volatility of high risk/high reward investing. Yet many affluent individuals continue to be wary of investing in cryptocurrency. This may be partly due to the fact that the first form of digital currency, Bitcoin, was introduced just over a decade ago, and questions remain about whether […]

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Cyber Security is a Top Priority for My Clients: Here's Why

Cyber Security is a Top Priority for My Clients: Here’s Why

Owning a business in the digital era has changed the way we think about how to keep our company safe. With the fact that we now store and transfer sensitive information online, protecting your business assets and customer data from falling into the hands of computer hackers requires constant vigilance. The importance of cyber security has grown in response to the enormous amount of information that is maintained in digital […]

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