Why Yacht Charter in Greece?

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As most of you know, I have traveled the world on cruise ships giving lectures to passengers on estate planning and asset protection dating back to 1990. There are two pieces of advice I always give my audiences: (1) Fly First Class or your kids will; and (2) Spend your kids’ inheritance: Many of you have taken this advice to heart!

One of our most favorite destinations is the country of Greece. Not so much Athens (too busy and crowded for my tastes), but the coastal village and sea ports and the many islands in the Aegean are some of the most beautiful cruising in the world. During that time, Wendy and I have traveled to Greece more times than I can recall. The culture, history and warmth of the Greek people just cannot be equaled. The Greek food is just like none other. Visiting Greece by cruise ship which sails each night to the next port misses so much of the Greek experience, namely dining, sunsets, the entertainment and clubs.

So, about 20 years ago, several couples we know decided to look into chartering in Greece. We found Cpt. Mike Economou, Managing Director of MBL Luxury Yachting Services, who was the skipper of the first boat we hired and planned the most amazing trip for us. We had the most memorable experience under Cpt. Mike’s watchful eye and have been back to Greece with Mike many times since. Cpt. Mike recently wrote me to tell me Greece is on sale this summer. If you have not made summer plans and are looking for a most incredible experience for yourselves and your family. Here is what Cpt. Mike wrote to me:

Greece, the No 1 Yacht Charter Destination.

It’s not only the emerald water and the idyllic unique bays: it’s not just the bright sun light that floods the sea and the wonderful ravishing blue sky.

It is also the breathtaking landscapes and white sanded beaches, the relaxed atmosphere, the culture and ancient history, windmills, ruins and old settlements.

It is the Mediterranean cuisine at its best, from your private chef onboard.

It is the absolute fin that comes hand in hand with the Yacht Charter experience in Greece. From clubbing all night, to adventure sports like scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, flyboard, mountain bike, or mountain hiking and many more.

Most importantly it is the Greek crew’s professionalism and world known hospitality.

It is all the above that makes Greece and the 1400 Greek islands, a world famous Yacht Charter destination.

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“Greece’s 1,400 islands – 230 of them in habited – are one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful assets. From the Ionian in the west, to the Dodecanese in the east, they offer vacations you can’t get in many other places. Each of the island groups has its unique allure, plus some of the picturesque seascapes on Earth.”

(CCN TRAVEL, August 2013).

So, if you haven’t yet made plans for this summer, or are interested in visiting Greece in the near feature, we cannot recommend Cpt. Mike and his company highly enough. Mike and his team will help with all of your planning, boat selection, transportation from and back to the airport and everything in between. Contact Mike at: info@mbl.gr, and ask him to send you information on Greece and all it has to offer. I promise it will rate as one of the top travel experiences you and your family will ever experience.

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